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Pain, a TCM view

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, pain occurs when there is insufficient Qi & Blood circulation due to obstruction or deficiency. To translate this into a Western medical framework it may mean that when there is something obstructing the natural flow of blood, impeding nerve innervation, blocking lymphatics or even that there is not enough nutrients or healthy oxygen in the blood therefore unable to nourish the area.

When dealing with pain conditions, a TCM practitioner will focus on your individual symptoms and ask questions to further differentiate the cause of the pain. They may ask about where it is located, if the pain moves or is fixed, when it is better or worse, what makes it better or worse, when it began, what it feels like, if it comes and goes, family history, etc. They will also ask questions about your general health to figure out WHY you may be having pain.

From there a treatment plan will be established which will likely involve acupuncture, cupping or manual therapies, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice. If referrals are needed they will be suggested... our goal is to get you feeling your best no matter what.

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