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Acupressure points to Calm the Mind

Calming the Mind is something I find very important with any health condition and just in general. Acupuncture can be helpful to do this and slow the thoughts enough to do the deeper inner healing work. It can help, but it won’t do everything. It can lift a fog off the mind so you can think clearly. It can slow the thoughts if they are racing. It can lift the mood if it is down. It’s one of my favourite things about the medicine. Here are my current top 5 favourite points to calm the mind:

✨GV24 (Shen Ting)- located just in the anterior hairline in the midline. This point calms and lifts the mind making it useful for anxiety, insomnia, depression, sadness, fear, as well as schizophrenia and manic depression. It is named after being the entrance to the Mind & Spirit.

✨Yintang - located in between the eyebrows. This point calms the mind to relieve anxiety and insomnia.

✨Liver 3 (Tai Chong)- located in between the first and second toes. This point calms the mind when there is frustration, repressed anger, short temper, irritability and stress. It is often combined with LI4 located in between the first and second fingers.

✨Heart 7 (Shen Men)- located on the pinky of the wrist crease. This point calms the mind especially when there is anxiety, insomnia and poor memory due to a Heart imbalance (either Heart Blood deficiency, heat or phlegm).

✨Pericardium 6 (Nei Guan)- located 3 finger widths above the wrist crease in the midline of the inner arm. This point calms the Mind when there is anxiety, depression, sadness, insomnia or mania. It influences the Heart & Liver so can be used in either patterns. It is also useful if there is nausea or stomach upsets.

Try pressing on these points for a few minutes when you feel you need a bit of support.

Be kind to yourself and seek support if you need it 🤍


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