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What could your dreams be telling you?

Dreams occur when the Mind and/or Ethereal Soul (Hun) wander at night. Excessive dreams can be due to a deficiency of Blood or Yin, as it doesn’t provide the Mind/Hun a place to reside at night. Frightening dreams can be due to a Heart & Gall Bladder deficiency. Restless dreams can be due to Heat affecting the Stomach and Heart.

The content of the dream can be a useful (and fascinating) indication of an internal imbalance. 😴🧠

This list is from the Simple Questions and Spiritual Axis, sourced from Maciocia’s The Psyche in Chinese Medicine:

  • Flying- emptiness in Lower Jiao

  • Falling- fullness in Lower Jiao

  • Floods and fear- excess of yin

  • Fire- excess of yang

  • Killing and destruction- yin and yang both in excess

  • Giving away things- excess

  • Receiving things- deficient

  • Being angry- liver in excess

  • Crying, weeping- lungs in excess

  • Attack and destruction- tapeworms in the intestines

  • Fires- heart deficiency

  • Volcanos- heart deficiency

  • Laughing- heart in excess

  • Mountains, fire and smoke- heart deficiency

  • Very fragrant mushrooms- liver deficiency

  • Lying under a tree being unable to get up- liver deficiency

  • Forests on mountains- liver deficiency

  • White objects or bloody killings- liver deficiency

  • Battles and war- lung deficiency

  • Worry, fear, crying, flying- lung in excess

  • Flying and seeing strange objects made of gold or iron- lung deficiency

  • Being hungry- spleen deficiency

  • Building a house- spleen deficiency

  • Singing or feeling heavy- spleen excess

  • Mountains and marshes- spleen deficiency

  • Swimming after a shipwreck- kidney deficiency

  • Plunging into water and being scared (dream in the Winter)- kidney deficiency

  • Spine being detached from the body- kidneys in excess (dampness)

  • Being immersed in water- kidney deficiency

  • Having a large meal- stomach deficiency

  • Large cities- small intestine deficiency

  • Open fields- large intestine deficiency

  • Fights, trials, suicide- gall bladder deficiency

  • Voyages- bladder deficiency

  • Crossing the sea and being scared- excess of yin

📖 The Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disharmonies with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs by Giovanni Maciocia.🙏✨


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