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Ways to use Chinese Herbal Medicine

There are options when it comes to using Chinese herbal medicine. It can vary depending on your condition and on what is going to be the easiest way for you to get the medicine in your body!

This includes:

🌿 Raw herbs- the herbal medicine is boiled* in water and the liquid is ingested.

🌿Granule herbs- the herbs are in a powder form and to be dissolved in hot water, drink the whole lot.

🌿Pills- the herbs just need to be swallowed, however these formulas are general formulas that can’t be modified.

🌿Tinctures- the herbs have been decocted in an alcohol to form a liquid.

🌿Honey pills- the herbs are combined with honey and rolled into balls that can be chewed.

🌿External creams- powdered herbs can be added to a cream (e.g. vitamin E or aqueous cream) or oil (e.g. coconut or sesame oil) base and applied topically to the area of concern. This can be either left on, or rinsed off after a few minutes, depending on the purpose and herbs used.

🌿External washes- raw herbs can be brought to the boil and the liquids placed in a basin to wash the area

🌿Sitz baths- this is similar to the external washes, however are designed to soak the area for up to 20 minutes.

🌿Suppositories can also be used in some cases- they can be made by placing herbs into either a capsule or in coconut oil.

*How to prepare raw herbal medicine:

1. Empty the bag of herbs into a pot and cover with cool water

2. Soak herbs for 20min

3. Bring herbs to boil, then lower to simmer for 30-40min

4. Drain the liquid into a container and keep the herbs for reboiling

5. Add more water to the herbs and bring to boil, then simmer for another 30-40min

6. Drain the liquid and add to the first batch

7. General dosages are to drink half the liquid in the morning and the other half in the evening.

Note: Different herbs can require different instructions and boiling times.

Tonic herbs are best to be taken before (30min) meals, while those with sensitive stomachs are best to take after meals (30-60min).

💊 As a general rule, to be safe and avoid interactions, Chinese herbs are best to be taken 2hrs apart from other medication.

There are so many options with herbs! You can even add some to a tea or food 🍵


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