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Menopause and Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, as women approach menopause:

💧the Kidney Qi declines and results in the cycles becoming irregular-absent. There may be feelings of heat, hot flushes, night sweats, dryness and sleep disturbances as the Kidney Yin declines. This feeling of heat can also disturb the Mind.

💧 the Spleen function also declines due to a lack of demand for Blood for monthly bleeds (the Spleen produces Blood). This can result in lower energy, increased weight, water retention and digestive changes. If this Spleen deficiency is prolonged or severe, it can generate phlegm which can mist the Mind resulting in brain fog and poor memory. As the Spleen holds the Blood, there may also be heavy periods in this phase.

💧During this time, the Liver also plays a part in regulating cycles, and when imbalanced can result in mood swings, emotional lability, depression and breast distention/tenderness.

Each woman is different in how this stage of life manifests for them. Therefore, each treatment differs. Chinese medicine can help ease this transition into menopause, alleviate the symptoms associated and address emotional well-being. It may take a few months to regulate (especially if there were period issues beforehand), and it might not disappear completely, but it can help.

It’s important to remember that this is a transition, just like puberty (but in reverse). The body is changing and adjusting to its new normal. Life situations are likely changing too. Being kind and gentle with yourself is always important, more than ever 🌸


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