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Eczema and Chinese medicine

Living with a chronic skin condition is exhausting. The irritability and restlessness that arises from being itchy. The lack of sleep due to waking up scratching and then being in pain. The not being able to get back to sleep until fully exhausted from dealing with the itch. The constant irritation of the skin and monitoring of flare ups.

In Chinese medicine, itching is often due to ‘Wind’. In chronic skin conditions it is usually generated from an internal imbalance. There is often heat present which could be exacerbated through diet or heightened emotions. But typically there is an underlying cause which could simply be constitutional, digestive weakness or due to having a chronic condition.

There is often a rash w

hich plays on self esteem too. It can be anywhere in the body, often quite random. In Chinese medicine we can look at what meridian is affected and treat accordingly.

Eczema comes in many different forms. It affects people at different severities. This is where it can be difficult to give advice. But in general, there are a few things that might relieve it:

🌱Acupressure on certain points to relieve itching such as LI4, LI11 & Baichongwo (see image).

🌱Keep the area cool and use a moisturiser that works for you (I personally use @moogooskincare).

🌱Remove foods and drinks that generate Heat such as coffee, chocolate, spicy/hot/dry foods, too much red meat consumption.

🌱Avoid seafood and shellfish.

Herbal medicine can help, and is often tailored specifically to the individual. A common formula is Xiao Feng San which stops itching, nourishes and cools the Blood and clears heat & dampness (if there is oozing). But a more specified formula may be recommended as we want to target YOUR body and heal your skin from the root cause.

It’s important to remember that there are many factors involved, so taking a holistic approach is best. @nationaleczema have some great resources or visit 🌱🤍

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