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Anxiety in Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, anxiety is often talked about being a Heart imbalance. But like everything, there is usually always more to it.

I found this in ‘The Psyche in Chinese Medicine’ and thought it was worth sharing.

The main organs involved in Anxiety:

🤍Heart- there will be palpitations and the anxiety will be felt in the chest (tightness or discomfort in the chest). The person may appear flustered, restless and fidgety, and will often have insomnia.

🤍Lungs- the person will be sad and teary, have a weak voice and be pale. A Lung type anxiety is related to grief and the meaning of life and suffering.

🤍Kidneys- the person will appear scared and panicked. There may be slight dizziness and feeling of heat in the face. A Kidney type of anxiety tends to relate to fear, pessimism and guilt.

🤍Spleen- there will be thoughts that seem to go around in circles almost as if the person is arguing with themselves. The Spleen type anxiety can be related to nurturing issues, such as over-giving or from a lack of mothering.

🤍Liver- this anxiety tends to arise from having high standards and is often in perfectionists. There will be worrying about the future and their life plans and goals and whether they will meet the expectations they place for themselves.

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs can be a helpful tool in relieving both the physical and the emotional aspects of anxiety. Of course, support from a mental health professional is always recommended 🌱


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