Individualized Massage

Individualized Massage

Highly customized to create a session that addresses your needs.  Make a massage appointment!


Our Acupuncture is comprehensive and thorough with a focus on improving vitality, quality of life, and preventing disease.
Fitness and Training

Fitness and Training

We consider fitness a very important component of wellness and offer custom training.  


Becoming Whole Wellness offers Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Fitness, and Medical QiGong in Durham, NC.  All of our therapies are highly customized to create sessions focusing on what you want to achieve.

The Ginko is a symbol of healing and wellness.

Individualized Massage Therapy

We offer therapeutic massage that supports your intentions.  Our goal is to help you let go of held tension so your muscles rest during the session and work efficiently afterward.  We study the latest research and use specific anatomy knowledge to bring healing to the areas you need most.  Our massage is like no other and we think it will leave you feeling great for days (or more).  Learn more about the types of Massage Therapy we offer.


Our Acupuncture is comprehensive and thorough with a focus on creating a health balance within you.  Our goal is to improve vitality, your quality of life, and prevent disease.  We consider Acupuncture a healing art, requiring a great deal of mindfulness and attention to detail.

Fitness, Training, Movement Therapy

Our Fitness programs support your goals such as increasing strength, stability, and stamina; maintaining fitness and gaining flexibility.  We have some very creative and enjoyable methods to healing through movement.

Medical QiGong

Medical QiGong is a comprehensive system of healing. It is the oldest modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine yet the least known in the West.  Medical QiGong is energetic work that focuses on achieving a healthy state of balance in your body.  This is a unique and effective method of healing that is often difficult to find.  

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Becoming Whole Wellness is located near Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC

5315 Highgate Dr. #104  Durham, NC 27713

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